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The Paladin’s Fall

I just can’t care about anything anymore.
I can’t even remember what I thought was so important, so worth protecting.
None of it makes sense anymore…

Hope and despair balance each other to an equilibrium.
You told me that before, didn’t you?
Now I understand what you had meant

It’s true that I had saved people,
but in equal measure,
for each person I saved,
my heart slowly became full of resentment and hatred.

So much so that I even hurt the ones I swore to protect.

No matter how much happiness as we wish on one person… for each time we save one person, we can’t help but curse someone else. 

That’s how it works for us. That’s how it always worked. I was a fool.

He supposed His time had come. Wasn’t that how they phrased it? His time had come to soon, his time was a good one and so on and so forth. He had always sort of imagined himself immune from time. Funny how things work out isn’t it?

They’d given one of His angels the job of telling Him the news. The news that in a universe He’d built for change they didn’t have room for an eternal Man at the Top. That really, wasn’t 13.7 billion years a bit long to spend as the alpha and omega, the ultimate being in all His creation?

The heartbeat of the universe had what He had always been the most proud of. Once the universe cooled down a bit and the interesting things started forming, everything had grown with a lifecycle. The whole universe rang with the collapse of the gas clouds the explosion of stars, the tearing and twisting and turning of the galaxies. Then life had started and He’d even breathed a little sentience here and there to keep things fresh. But the most important thing was the rythm all this formed. Everything thrummed with a great steady heartbeat. And that heartbeat meant time ran could run out.

None of the Angels were letting Him back into Heaven. Apparently it had been a unanimus decision. Bloody harmony loving freaks. He’d been a lot more mellow when he created them than when He created the early universe. They’d not witnessed His more violent tendacies. Where did they think Satan got it from? With the vote unanimus though, there was no getting back in through force. You can’t find heaven through violence.

He was going to drift for a while he’d decided. Actually get a chance to enjoy the universe he had spent so long ruling. Some other poor saps could deal with the issue of life after death.

It was as he finally turned away from the doors of heaven that he felt something stir inside him. Something stuttered and jumped and finally came to life. A heartbeat. He finally had one. And he felt an excitment spread inside him that he’d forgotten he could feel. He could be part of the universe now. Maybe the Angels were right. Maybe he had let things get just a little bit stale. After all, nothing is built to last.

User linesof from reddit, with the prompt “God has been locked out/denied access to Heaven. Elaborate on the events leading to, and stemming from it.”

11 things

I was tagged by jamesphillimoresumbrella. It’s been a while since my last experience with these kinds of things, and I got a mail, so I might as well.


1.  Always post the rules.
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1. Favorite books/stories/things to read?

I keep rereading A Memory of Light, mainly because I’m enamored at the how the large scale combat was handled, both in the perspective of the front lines and as one overseeing the battlefield using an impossibly magical portal from the sky that you can fall into. In general it helps with how to drive in the narration and plot into tabletop roleplaying, which is the biggest fun social activity I’ve been doing recently.

Alternatively, I’ve been getting into translations of Japanese Light Novels, which would be classified as low-form literature. Disregarding even that, I tend to gravitate towards swash-buckling fantasy books.

2. A line or a saying that you’re particularly fond of.

Six seasons and a movie!

3. The old standby: dogs or cats?

Cats. You don’t have to walk cats. Savannah cats are best though, because they kinda act like dogs.

4. How do you handle getting lost when you’re travelling from Point A to Point B?

I check my map. I double check my surroundings. I panic. I look at the map again. I look for a local. I look at the map again. I demand directions from a local and threaten with a plague. I decide to stop looking for Point B, and realize that being lost is a sign that I should be going elsewhere, preferably with several nubile maidens, and men with sparkly smiles and Joel McHale’s body.

5. Five minutes of conversation with anyone in the world: who would you want to talk to, and what would you say?

The cast, both current and former, of Community. Basically, I just want to show my appreciation for everything they did, even the infamous Chevy Chase. Despite the departure of several individuals, fans often forget that they are people too, and often regard them negatively. Yes, I just watched all four seasons, and I’m currently overwhelmed by an attachment to these people.

6. A favorite movie (or favorite movies) from your childhood?

I always think nostalgically of Ferngully, despite realizing it wasn’t actually that good when I rewatched it recently. Titanic was my first full frontal, as a child. Oh, and I watched Ninja Scrolls when I was around 6 years old. The wonders these did to my personality, yes.

7. Any siblings?

One blood-related brother, and a blood-related sister. God knows how many pseudo-siblings I’ve had all over the years.

8. Comfort food of choice?

Ice cream and chocolates. Preferably Dairy Queen and chocolate truffles… but I’m not picky. It comes with being relatively poor.

9. Do you think your zodiac sign fits, or is it a vague approximation at best?

But… what is a zodiac? We have the current astrological zodiac, and the Chinese zodiac, but who knows if there are anything else the world has already forgotten. Besides, zodiacs tend to be a hit or miss, with descriptions often just being vague, broad descriptions that basically just become self-fulfilling in our identities, not dissimilar to self-diagnosis of psychological illnesses.

10. Do you have any habits/tricks/rituals/eldritch ceremonies/dread sacrifices to elder gods to help you get started on writing/drawing/work?

I am a terrible procrastinator. There’s that bit that I have to, inch by inch, slowly sell my soul to the devil so I can work. I tend to slowly piece everything first in my head, then make a small guideline aided by the spirits of the departed before working. Lastly, before I start working, in the absence of a spark of inspiration, I would sacrifice the still-beating heart of my lover. Recently, this hasn’t been done, as I just realized that my most recent lovers and recipients of affection do not have beating hearts.

11. If you could get away with never having to do one household chore ever again, which would it be?

Folding clothes. I suck at it horribly. I also dislike cleaning dishes, but I can reduce that by reducing the number of times I eat anyway.

At this point, I will obviously break the rules because as I don’t tumblr much, nor do I even know 11 people that are on tumblr. I would not even bother to tag the next victims, or make 11 questions, lest I am prodded to do so.

Did she promise you the world and did that  
Girl just throw your love away  
Leave you like a lonely solitaire  
With just despair for company  
Do you think you’d find revenge so sweet  
Make it so you hearts will never beat  
Squeeze the very last and dying breath from  
Everything you’ve ever dreamed 

do i look like a freshman: unicornbloodandguts: Ultimate Writing Resource...


Ultimate Writing Resource List



a massively extended version of ruthlesscalculus’ post

General Tips

Character Development

Female Characters

Male Characters

Tips for Specific Characters


Point of View

Plot, Conflict, Structure and Outline

Setting & Worldbuilding

Creativity Boosters* denotes prompts

Revision & Grammar

Tools & Software

Specific Help

Whelp, time to be a famous writer.

(Source: ladyknightrps)

Behold! The inferno of destruction fills the heavens! Come forth! The Surge of Utnapishtim! This is what it means to destroy the World! Heroic Spirits, suffer the curse that the insolence of challenging the King of Heroes has brought upon ye!


Short sword with scabbard

  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Dated: 1809
  • Place of Origin: Turkey and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Medium: Iron or steel, gold, silver, wood, metal and shagreen, engraved and embossed
  • Measurements: length: 63.5 cm, blade
  • Inscription: ‘A.H. 1224’ Engraved, A.D. 1809
  • Maker’s mark: Bladesmith’s mark Stamped, on roughly engraved ewer-shaped panel 7 inches from hilt
  • Inscription: Inscription with ‘1846’ In silver
  • Import mark: French

Source: © 2013 The Wallace Collection

So close, yet not quite. Lovely, still


Handmade Swords - DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra

  • Swordsmith: David DelaGardelle
  • Medium: Steel: 1075. Guard & Pommel: Mild Steel. Wood: Bloodwood
  • Measurements: OAL: exactly 4 feet. Blade Length: 36 1/2”. Blade Width: 1 1/2”. Grip Length: 9 1/”. Guard width: 8 1/2”

The "DeargAbhainn-Cu’ra", literally meaning “the Red River Guardian” in ancient Gaelic, was forged out of 1075 high carbon steel, figured bloodwood, and mild steel hilt components. The sword was commissioned by its owner to represent the rich cultural heritage of his family lineage, while looking forward to the future as a celebration of 25 years of marriage to his wife.

The owners last name being “Rushing” literally refers to Rush reeds aka "cat tails" that grow by ponds or streams. So the grip is carved with swirling water motif’s and reeds sprouting up among them. The scabbard includes knotwork patterns based off of the owner and his wife’s wedding bands, and in between show the intertwining sun and moon.

Finally last on the scabbard you see the ever growing Tree of truth & life or the family tree. In the blade you read two French sayings engraved on either side. One side reads “One God” and the other reads: "One Faith". A sword meant to be historically grounded in its execution but completely unique and organic in its aesthetic feel.

Source: Copyright 2012 © Cedarlore Forge

Oh you pretty little thing. You might not be what I’m looking for, but you’d definitely be a pleasure to have.

If you make friends, your strength as a human will decrease.”

She looked at me quizzically, finger tapping her lips.

"But, Araragi-kun," she started to say.

"With the way you are now, you can’t technically consider yourself human, right? That means you can start having friends."

Just like that, Hanekawa Tsubasa blew my argument apart.

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